We are an independent consultation company and we have specialized in the
Executive Search - the process used to to locate and select executives for key
management positions of client employers and technology skilled people as well.
As your executive searcher, we provide the full range in personnel consultancy
based on professional market research and strategic direct approach towards
top executives from potentially suitable target companies.

Our aim is not only to satisfy your search and selection needs by placing the right candidate – our aim is to raise your corporate value by strategic personal implementations.  We work to exceed your expectations now and in the future.

Hands-on prior ten years experience in the managements of global companies,
we provide executive search and personal consulting services to a premier-list
of global clients in preselected markets and industries since 2001.

Our clients are the global or Czech industry leading companies – references can be presented. Please see Competence.

We fluently speak the following languages - Czech, German, English, Polish, Slovak.

In many cases, it makes sense to combine direct search with other selection process methods such as ad-aided search or our on-line candidates database search, assesment centre . We will be pleased to give you the support you require.

To be effective, leaders must know not only what to change, but also how to implement the change so that performance improves and employee motivation, commitment, and productivity increase. Are your people prepared to do their jobs in the future?  We recommend  you the Job Match assesment tests,  and based on our longstanding partnership with our external consultants, we offer consequential steps as career consultation, outplacement for executives, inhouse consulting, executive and integration coaching, skills development programmes.

We work in partnership with Profiles International to provide our clients a comprehensive array of employee assessment instruments used to put people in the right jobs, help managers lead, coach, and motivate effectively.



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