We cooperate and support the clients from various business fields in Czech republic, but mainly we focus on the following branches:

·         Production and engineering  (machinery, electroengineering, plastics ..)

·         Sales, marketing, logistics

·         Construction

·         Corporate finance and HR management

·         Quality management

We are experienced in start a business in Czech republic and in successful start-ups with our recommended candidates.

Examples of successfully occupied positions:

- Controlling manager
- Financial manager
- HR manager
- Tool works director
- Tool design manager
- Manager of representative office in CR and SR (injection moulds and comp.)
- Director of Czech local office  (industrial ovenware materials, office start-up)
- Branch manager - refractories, director of expansion,
- Plant manager (automotive)
- Production manager
- Supply chain manager
- Director of purchase and logistics
- Positions of technical experts

Above positions demand field experience, language skills, managerial experience and an appropriate profile to handle the task.

We individualize specification of the position ourselves in co-operation with our client and the based on our analysis of client´s needs.



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