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By using the cognitive assessment tests in combination with the job position profile and job- match method  you can increase your chances of a successful choice from 26% to 75%!! Huge shift!!

What can we measure by the codnitive tests?
Cognitive assessment tests measure the profile of the candidate in relation to the job profile or job population. Quality assessment test must be reliable, valid and standardized for the target population. Reliability should range from 0.7 above. Assessment tests provider should be able to demonstrate the quality of tests.

Individual assessment tests may differ in detail, but should have the following four attributes:

- Capabilities testing confirms that the candidate can do the work. Testing his/her ability to learn and work with verbal and numerical informations will evaluate his/her way of thinking and reasoning and will increase the chances of a successful choice to 42%.
- Testing of personality indicates how the candidate will do the work. Does he/she fit well into our corporate culture? Will the candidate get along all right with others in the team?
Here you can learn about behavior features of the candidate - decisiveness, assertiveness, determination, attitude, sociability, or objective judgment.  You increase your chances of a successful selection from 42% to 54%.
- Testing of interest and professional orientation - an extremely important part of the assesment. Here you can find out whether the job position  will motivate the candidate and fulfil himself. When his/her interests and professional orientation, such as service to people, creativity and technical thinking, will match the job requirements, the candidate will perform with competence and remain in position longer. Chance of a successful choice is increasing to 66%.
- Job matching - allows the employer to compare the profile of the candidate with the profile of the position. To set the job profile we are using several methods, such as comparing current successfull and failed workers in a given position or a questionnaire focusing on the requirements of the position.
The final result will give you a percentage comparison with the job position for each candidate. Wherever the candidate profile differs significantly from the job profile, we provide you with additional questions for the interview where the candidate has the opportunity to explain his/her answers and reduce or totally disprove your fears. The result of all these attributes is 75% probability of choosing the right person at significantly lower cost than would be a hire of inappropriate candidate.


Assessment testing by itself will not select candidate for the position. It rests you and your company to decide. Psychometric instruments should contribute to your decision about one-third, but they can significantly boost the traditional selection methods such as curriculum vitae, references, interview or assessment center and of course some "feelings". Appropriate combination of methods and instruments increses significantly the effectiveness of recruitment and selection process


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