HR Consulting  and career planning

 For our clients - HR Consulting

Using the appropriately chosen tools in the form of so-called Job-Match assessment tests can effectively influence the process of searching and selecting your staff.
Job-Match assessment test measures the most important informations that the employer needs in order to make the right decisions and increase efficiency.
It is possible to measure requirements of the job and accordingly select the right candidate and achieve long-term mutual satisfaction.
We are trained professionals and partners of  Profiles International, a world leader in the assessment testing.  Tests will help not only in the selection of the candidates but also in the work with existing staff, training management, etc.

Assessment testing helps mainly in the following areas:

- Selection & recruitment of the right candidates
- Maintaining key talents
- Sales increase and vendors selection
- Management organization analysis
- Management  training and development
- Team building
- 360 ° feedback and leadership development
- Staff  mptivation
- Business Performance Indicators
- Customer Service

Following these results we can recommend an experienced external lector who provides tailored training and development programs for clients, mostly from areas of production, engineering or manufacturing and public services administration accredited programs .
If you are interested in depth psychological testing of candidates by a psychologist we are able to make recommendations. But based on our experiences we prefer client own selected psychologist.

For job seekers - career planning and development

Lack of contacts, lack of time, deteriorating conditions in employment, routine, burnout - all those influences can limit your success in the labor market.
We can measure your professional orientation and help you in your next career development

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