Our former longtime practice in the managements of corporate companies
gained us experience in the position of consumer of executive search services
and made us fully understanding corporate environment and clients´expectations
and underlying needs.
We execute the projects with respect to the following principles:
  PARTNERSHIP AND FOCUSSED APPROACH  - clear communication with decision
       makers  helps us gain an understanding of your business and internal culture
  DISCRETION - we provide our services with maximum confidentiality 
  LOYALTY - our aim is to form a long-term relationship with our clients
  GUARANTEE - we give our clients a guanrantee of up to twelf months on new
      executives. In case of non-satisfaction, we find a replacement free of charge
  TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS - we work on solutions tailored to our client´s
      individual specifications to create long-term competitive advantage of client
  COMPETENCE - we are experienced in the spectrum of industries and markets
  INTEGRITY- our goal is to negotiate objectively the priorities and expectations
        of both you and candidate and to create a win-win outcome for both of you

We give our clients a guarantee of maximal transparency and equal chances for all


Our Motto: 

Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value

                                                                                          „Albert Einstein“


Palác YMCA
Na Poříčí 12
Praha 1

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