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Successful Executive Search (i.e. direct search for key management positions or experts precisely tailored to your request) requires specific knowledge, resources and methods and above all is time-consuming. The project can be simply described as seven phases:

I.    Needs analysis                                               ..... up to 1 week

This first phase is crucial for us. We need to understand what benefits to look for among the candidates. Without this knowledge we will not find the expected result. At this stage, our goal is to listen and assist you in defining the position sought.
*A detailed analysis of needs, goals and your expectations in relation to the position sought. Setting the strategic framework of the direct search project
*Creating anonymous specification of the position (the ideal candidate profile according to your requirements) and strategy for presenting the advantages and benefits of this offer to the candidate. Presentation of the assignment and your correction.
*At this stage it is necessary for us to learn about the structure and corporate culture of your company.

II.    Search                                                       ..... up to 1-2 weeks

At this stage we use our experience, resources and our know-how to identify potential candidates.
* Proposal and recommendations in connection with our experience.
* Specification of strategic fields to be addressed. Defining the territory of direct and indirect competition, according to your requirements.
* Creating a Target List of candidates for direct addressing (the Long List). Your correction

III.     Direct addressing                                        ..... 2 weeks

At this stage, our picked training specialists with long experience in telemarketing and strategic questioning will get into the process.
* Phone addressing approved list of candidates with anonymous specifications and conducting  interviews to identify potential candidates who:   1,  satisfy the desired profile,    2,  anonymous offer is addressing them and therefore have an interest in acting on changing jobs,     3,  and their career objectives and long-term incentives are with your expectations.

IV.    Personal interviews                                       ..... 1 -2 weeks

At this stage, we exercise our experience in the field of HR consulting and an internationally recognized method of personality assesment tests
*The management of personal interviews with potential candidates, personality tests, verification of references, evaluation.
* Drawing up lists of candidates recommended for the presentation (the Short List) and a confidential report on each recommended candidate.
* Only those candidates who meet at least 80% of the defined requirements will be recommended.

V.    Presentation of candidates                             ..... 1 week

At this stage, you will decide whether we found the right candidates.
*In agreement with you, we prepare a presentation of selected candidates. We actively participate during the process.
* The results of the interviews will be communicated to candidates after consulting with you and we will coordinate the preparation of interviews of candidates who advance to the second round of interviews.

VI.    Negotiation

Negotiation is the most delicate phase of the project. At this time the candidate is not yet definitely decided for the job and he is still employed by others. Here we exercise our communication skills and experience in the branch.
*We lead communication between you and finally chosen candidate, reaching common solutions and consistent and mutual satisfaction - confirmed by signing of the contract.

VII.   Guarantee              ...up to 1 year after signing the contract !

As we identify and address the candidate for whom the offer is a challenge and long-term motivation, there is not a problem for us to keep up to one year guarantee for the engaged candidate, which you will certainly appreciate. This means that in case of termination of employment with the accepted candidate wirhin the guarantee, we will seek compensation for you without a charge. During the guarantee period we remain in contact with both you and a candidate. We are interested in candidate's induction course, his impressions and your satisfaction. After the expiry of the guarantee period we ask for final evaluation of the extent to which candidates meet your expectations.


The specifics of our executive search projects:

* You receive reports in writing every week, describing the current status of the project - the situation on the market, the number of addressed candidates, responses, etc.

* In the course of about 7 weeks up to 3 months in most cases we can find, reach and gain a potential candidate. Duration of the project largely depends on your time availability for presentations and also the busy schedules of individual candidates.

* Name of your company is provided only after the personal interviews with candidates, namely the stage IV.

* The chosen candidates are usually employed by others, so it is necessary to expect and consider two months' notice.

* We do not discuss financial conditions with the candidates. Information on their financial requirements and current salaries are part of our confidential reports on the candidate and serves as a basis to your negotiation. We recommend only candidates for which earnings is not the sole purpose for change.


Advantages for you:

* We address the people who do not respond to the ads, nor are they in the databases of personnel agencies. Those candidates are essentially loyal , they might be thinking about the change, but the activity for various reasons does not develop (fear of misuse of a curriculum vitae, etc.).  Anyhow they are employed by others.

* We are looking for candidates meeting your specifications and those who respond to the challenges of working in the position you are offering.

* Our phone approach with addressing the position is done with more interesting, detailed and personal manner than the ad in the newspapers.

* We keep the guarantee for chosen candidate up to 1 year.

* We present you max. 2 or 3 candidates, which means saving your time

* Invested money always leads to finding the right candidate, unless you end the search upon your part.

* Confidentiality and discretion throughout the process.

* You also get informations from the market - ideal for start-up companies.

Disadvantages for you:

*The candidate usually finish his/her prior employment only after signing contract with you. You have to consider notice period.

* Usually the direct searched candidate is more expensive than the candidates advertising in newspaper ads or unemployed candidates in the market.

* Time duration of the direct search process from the mandate contract up to presentation of candidates (phase V.) takes min. 6 weeks.



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