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Would you invest 30 minutes of your time to find out how you could increase your sales volume by as much as several hundred percent?


Dear Friends,

Please take a quick look at the accompanying letter from Stephen Osbaldestan, president of the Global Lens Care Division of Novartis Ciba Vision.

Profiles International worked with him to raise his sales from $80K per month to $1M per month is just six months, and to $22M two years later.

How did we do it?  Well, giving you the full story in a brief note like this will not be possible, but let me give you the highlights:

1.      First we analyzed his salesforce, using his sales performance data, so that we could separate his team into three groups: Top, Average and Bottom performers.

2.      Then we profiled his Top Performers – those people getting the results that he’d have liked to have from all of his team – and created a Profile that identified precisely what these Top Performers shared in common.  These ‘star performers’ were dramatically different from his Average and Bottom performers.  The profiling exercise identified exactly what combination of mental abilities, personality and motivational interests allowed them to be so particularly successful in their positions.

3.      By quickly analyzing the differences between the profiles of his Stars and the profiles of his Average and Bottom Performers we were able to produce an individualized set of guidelines for the manager of each of the non-Stars – that guided them in how to manage and develop their performance up towards that of their Star colleagues.

4.      So, he now manages every one of his salespeople with the specific objective of raising their performance to ‘Star’ level and, every time he now hires salespeople, he hires ONLY those who share the same profile as his proven top performers – so that he gets Star salespeople first time more of the time.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Their sales went from $1M pa to $1M per month in less than a year, and to $22M within three years.

Sounds too good to be true?  That’s the normal reaction when professional sales management read this case study – that’s why I need about 30 minutes of your time to show you in more detail exactly how, and why, this works so well.

Could we achieve the same results for Your company?  To be honest I do not know – the approach is altogether more effective in some situations than others.  That’s what I would plan to explore with you if you afford me 30 minutes from your schedule.

I’ll first talk to you about your specific sales environment and the particular challenges you face.  If that looks promising then I’ll offer to do a no-cost analysis of your sales team to determine what if there is any way we might be able to get similar results for Your company.  This is not suited to every sales department – and without talking to you I cannot tell if we might be of any help to you.

I plan to call your office over the next few days to set an appointment to meet.

Let me make you a final solemn guarantee – even if it turns out that we cannot work together you will get so many ideas and so much value from our meeting that you’ll regard it as the best 30 minutes you invest this year.


I look forward to speaking with you.



Ing.Ivana Stolarská                                                                                  Profiles International Partner


p.s.  One thing I know for certain even before we meet: statistics tell me that your sales team has Top, Average and Bottom Performers – doesn’t it makes sense that raising the performance of the average and bottom people will be much easier if you know what makes your Stars tick?

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